Create folders and organize data based on file name.

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The current code makes .txt files from the raw data file type. This then is plotted later (that is all figured out). However, to make the code more helpful, can I have it organize the data into folders based differences in the file name?
For example, the picture below has raw data from two different testing locations (CP-A-01 and CP-B-01). Can these files be sorted based on that difference in the file name?

Answers (2)

Jon on 20 Jan 2023
You should be able to select the ones you want using dir and wildcards so for example
list = dir('*CP-B-01*.txt')

Stephen23 on 20 Jan 2023
movefile('*CP-A-01*.*', 'newdir01')
movefile('*CP-B-01*.*', 'newdir02')


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