0.48 and 0.72 not detected in the array

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HYZ on 24 Jan 2023
Commented: Stephen23 on 24 Jan 2023
I have attached varmat.mat. In this array, I can find any other elements in the array using find (SessionData.CoherenceTypes == 0.08) for example.
whenever I want to look for 0.48 or 0.72 using SessionData.CoherenceTypes == 0.48 or SessionData.CoherenceTypes == 0.72, the vector returned is empty although 0.48 and 0.72 are in the row vector. I tried in multiple computers and those two values are not detected.
Please suggest what was the problem. thanks.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 24 Jan 2023
Edited: the cyclist on 24 Jan 2023
Due to floating point precision, the values are not exactly 0.48. For example,
SessionData.CoherenceTypes(256) - 0.48
ans = 5.5511e-17
When doing comparison for floating point numbers, you need to check for equality within a tolerance.
See, for example, this documentation for details about floating point numbers and how to deal with them.


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