Why does my uicontextmenu only show after a pause/breakpoint?

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I'm trying to show a contextmenu in a uifigure ontop of some uiaxes. On a mouseclick event, the function below is called to display the contextmenu.
This code runs fine, but when I remove the pause, the contextmenu stops showing. The location also seems to matter, if I put the pause any earlier in the code, no contextmenu shows up. Why is this happening? Are there any race-conditions I should be aware of?
function UOContextMenu(app, id, pos)
%Creates a contextmenu where the user clicked
% app - the app
% id - id of the userobject
% pos - cursor position
%Find axis
axID = GUI.FindAxisAtPosition(app, pos);
axis = app.GetAxis(axID);
cm = uicontextmenu(app.UIFigure);
m1 = uimenu(cm,'Text','Delete');
m2 = uimenu(cm,'Text','Rename');
m3 = uimenu(cm,'Text','Copy To');
m4 = uimenu(cm,'Text','Toggle Visibility');
cm.Position = [pos(1), pos(2)];
cm.Visible = 'on';
axis.ContextMenu = cm;

Accepted Answer

Jan on 24 Jan 2023
Try to replace pause by drawnow. This allows the GUI to activate the updated properties. If this is working also, this is the expected and documented behavior. See: drawnow .

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