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Accessing the url address of images in Matlab Drive

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Hi everyone,
I'd like to retrieve the url adress of images stored in my matlab drive, so that I can view them directly afterwards using an url bar.
I'd like to do that via command line because I have hundreds of images.
When using something like "fileattrib", I don't see a line with the url address.
Is there any way to do this?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Jan 2023
The files on matlab drive cannot be remotely accessed individually. Even if you publicly share a folder, the share mechanisms do not permit naming individual files within the share.
I asked Mathworks about this a couple of years ago. There were ways to see internal references (using matlab online) but putting them together into a url did not work, and Mathworks confirmed to me that it could not work.

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Hisham on 31 Jan 2023
Hi Loïc - Can you provide more context into how/why you would this feature? It would help us see if there are alternative methods to achieve your goals, as well as provide insight into potentially enabling this in a future release.
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Loïc Toraille
Loïc Toraille on 9 Feb 2023
I don't think Matlab was the correct tool to do that anyway, it's just what I'm familiar with.
The goal was to use Matlab Drive as an image host website - something similar to imgur for example. There are no easy way to batch retrieve the url addresses of hundreds of images there, so I thought that it would be easy with matlab if we have access to the url of the files we upload.
The end goal is to create text+image content on forum-like website.
I'm not even sure that matlab confidentiality polices would authorize this kind of use.

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