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Need to assemble a submarine in simscape multibody make it move according to the precalculated trajectory. 1) All details of submarine are separated 2) How to make it move?

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Hello. Assembled a submarine in simscape multibody from stl files. The problem is they are separated form each other? how to connect them in order them to move as one mechanism and give opportunity for some parts of submarine to change the angle to change the way of submarine?2) I have calculated the trajectory in matlab, I just want to make this 3d model of submarine move according to the tragectory. How to make it move?

Accepted Answer

J Chen
J Chen on 6 Feb 2023
All components are rigidly connected in the model. You need to remove a solid line and add a joint between two components to make them move relative to each other.
You need to remove the Ground block such that the sub will move (with some forces applied).

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