How do I plot Rosette-like diagram in this case?

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I have matrix like this
data=[10 10 30 100;
20 50 70 150;
30 45 60 120;]
First column is time (sec), second column is starting angle (in degree), thrid one is final angle (in degree) and fourth one is length (cm).
Just using first row of the data, for example, I want to plot like following figure.
(I put some texts just for an explanation.)
I want just that red arc which 1) starts with starting anlge, 2) ends with final angle, and 3) is as long as length.
So, the final plot might be smiliar with Rosette-like diagram that have some stacked arcs with time.

Accepted Answer

Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 31 Jan 2023
Something like this?
data=[10 10 30 100;
20 50 70 150;
30 45 60 120];
theta0 = deg2rad(data(:,2));
thetaf = deg2rad(data(:,3));
r = data(:,4);
for i = 1:3
dtheta = (thetaf(i) - theta0(i))/20;
th = theta0(i):dtheta:thetaf(i);
x = r(i)*cos(th);
y = r(i)*sin(th);
hold on
axis equal

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