How to alter or hide caret in command window.

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Mony on 4 Feb 2023
Moved: DGM on 4 Feb 2023
I use Matlab for school and on my school computer the command window is easy to type in, but when I install the program on my home computer I run into the problem of having the text-cursor/caret covering text. It makes it difficult to tell where I am when typing or editing mistakes.
I tried to google the answer and looked everywhere in preferences so I apologize if this isn't what's usally asked on these forums.
You would think that typing from where the cursor is would insert a character after "s" but it inserts one after "d". It's not very intuitive and I just can't get used to it, it's too frustrating.
John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 4 Feb 2023
This is not something I've seen reported, so you need to tell us more information.
Tell us the release you are using at home. Tell us which OS, and which OS release. As much information as possible will help. It may be some software you have installed on the home machine that is causing the problem, or some preference that you did not realize was set, even though you think you have checked through them all. Sometimes it is surprising where something was set that causes a problem. I have definitely seen things like that happen.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 4 Feb 2023
I've never seen a black block cursor (unless I'm in overtype mode). Mine is always a thin vertical line. Check to make sure you didn't hit the Ins (insert) key on your keyboard by mistake. Otherwise I think it's some kind of operating system issue. What OS platform are you using?


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