MATLAB runtime with multiple versions on computer.

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I am trying to export an application made with the app designer in R2020b to a standalone application, that people without MATLAB could run. I have multiple MATLAB versions installed on my computer. (16a,18a,20b..). When trying to package with the option of `Runtime included in package` I get the box: "Valid MATLAB runtime installer not found". I have downloaded matlab runtime, extracted and installed it, so now I have a directory named C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v99 (There is also v901 inside if matters).
But, when I try to package, it gives me the same error. I have tried to use 'specify location' and got to the "MATLAB compiler preferences", but I couldn't get any location to work (I'm not sure which I should choose). Am I doing something wrong? which location should I choose?
Thank you very much.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 6 Feb 2023
Edited: Image Analyst on 6 Feb 2023
When you, the developer, compiles the code into a standalone executable, then you do not need a runtime library to run the executable. The only people who would need the runtime library are
  1. people who don't have any MATLAB at all on their computer
  2. people who have a different version of MATLAB or the runtime library on their computer than you used.
  3. people who have the same verion of MATLAB as you but don't have the compiler toolbox (I'm not sure about this one).
All the runtime libraries are found here:
If you're using deploytool (which I don't) then uncheck the option to include the runtime library and just install it separately. That's what I do.
Otherwise call tech support.
Net Fre
Net Fre on 9 Feb 2023
Thanks for the answer. So now I need to supply the MyAppInstaller_mcr from the "for_redistribution" folder, and they need to run it in order to use the app?
And what do you use instead of the deplytool? Is there another way to turn an app into a standalone?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 9 Feb 2023
I use Centurion Setup. I looked at all the installation package building programs out there, over a dozen. This one was BY FAR the easiest to use and most flexible. It has great tooltips and help and graphics to help you. I'm attaching a generic script that Centurion Setup can use to bundle up all your files needed for some project. Just make the obvious modifications, like the name of your project folder on your computer and the name of the desired destination folder on the target computer, etc.
I use mcc to make an executable and then I use Centurion Setup to bundle that with .mat files, splash images, demo images, Excel workbook templates, etc. Then it creates a single installation package called something like "Install NetFre program.exe". Your end user first runs the MCR installer from the web site (after extracting it -- don't run setup from within the zipped archive!), and then runs the installer created with Centurion Setup.
With any subsequent tweaks you make, you just need to send your installer. They won't need to run the MATLAB MCR installer again for each tweak, only if you upgrade to a new release.

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