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How do I launch the Radar Toolbox from within Matlab?

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How do I launch the Radar toolbox?
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Anton Kogios
Anton Kogios on 22 Feb 2023
Your question is a bit ambiguous I think. You can launch apps and you can install toolboxes. What do you want to do exactly?

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Answers (4)

Cameron on 22 Feb 2023
Are you trying to use the Radar Designer app? If so, just type this into your command window

Anton Kogios
Anton Kogios on 23 Feb 2023
Here is the documentation for the Radar Toolbox. You can find more information about the apps under the 'Apps' tab at the top and select the app you want.
The Getting Starting page also has some tutorials.

John Figueroa
John Figueroa on 23 Feb 2023
Can someone say where I can find a training manual for the radar toolbox. I have the app but do not know how to use it.

Jestzer on 25 Feb 2023
I think it's also worth mentioning that MATLAB is not an iPhone- not every toolbox you install has an "app" or app icon. You're meant to interact with many of them through commands in the Command Window. If you don't know how to use the toolbox, use this documentation page.


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