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How does simulink use data stored in matlab as an array for each time iteration?

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So, I have a 141x4 array in matlab which corresponds to data and time (row vector of data for each time step. my time is basically 15 sec with 0.1 step size.)
now, I want to use my row vector of data 1x4 for each time step in simulink, but I don't know how to do that. Do I need to use interpoloation? Note that my simulink time step is different than matlab: 0.001.
Thank you.

Accepted Answer

Paul on 26 Feb 2023
Edited: Paul on 26 Feb 2023
Hi M.I,
141 rows does not correspond to 15 sec with 0.1 step size. Perhaps it's just 14 seconds.
Whether or not you need to use interpolation is known only by you based on the requirements of your model. A From Workspace block or 2D Lookup Table block might be suitable.
M.I on 26 Feb 2023
so does From Workspace block work with code generation as well? like If I dont have matlab open, will the values be stored after I upload my simulink model to my external device hardware?

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