Error using append and connect

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Abdul Moiz
Abdul Moiz on 5 Mar 2023
Answered: Paul on 5 Mar 2023
G = tf([2],[1 4]);
H = 5;
system = append(G, H);
T = connect(system, 1,1,1);
% Simplify the transfer function
T = tf(T)
The answer should be 2/(s+14) but the output I get is 2/(s+4) can anyone help?

Answers (1)

Paul on 5 Mar 2023
Hi Abdul,
The third input to connect, which is the connection matrix, is incorrect. It should have two rows. Check the doc page for connect(), paticularly the section that describes the function inputs and the example with index-based connection, to learn more about how to specficy the connection matrix. After doing so, feel free to come back here with more questions and code if still having problems.


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