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Add data class as additional information on 2D plot

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I have a data vector of N data points and another data vector of the same length. I'm drawing the plot of the first vector and adding vertical lines on some points, but I also want to add class labels from the second vector to each (or some) points of the first vector somehow.
The second vector contains just numerical labels from 1 to 3.
Currently, plot is called like that:
xline(border_frames, LineWidth=1, Color='red');
The second vector is
Plot looks like that:
What I want to achieve in any way possible:
I've stumbled upon datatip function but it doesn't work with my type of plot.

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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 20 Mar 2023
Moved: Matt J on 20 Mar 2023
text might be helpful

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