recalculation with different rsult respect to previous one

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Dear all.
Can any one help me about my problem in Mathlab code as following? I have obtained a result and drawn a plot . But, the problem is once I want to do, once again, THE SAME calculations with THE SAME INPUT PARAMETERS, I get DIFFERENT plot. It is very strange and confusing.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Mar 2023
This can happen for a couple of different reasons:
  • if the calculations involve random numbers. The random number use might not always be obvious: for example although it is not immediately obvious, kmeans() by default uses random initialization of cluster locations;
  • if you have some kind of accumulation of results and your code forgets to explicitly initialize the variables;
  • if your code relies upon expanding an array and your code does not remember to initialize the array. For example if you have code like A(end+1) = calculation; B = sum(A); then if the code does not remember to clear / truncate the array A then the second time you would be calculating based on results stored the first time through.
Saeid Pourmasoud
Saeid Pourmasoud on 25 Mar 2023
Thank you so much. I solved the problem myself.
With the best wishes

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