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plot legend that depicts different markes of nodes

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I want to have a legend that label the markers present in my graph plot.
G = graph([1 1], [2 3]);
Legend should show:
o one
x two
x three

Accepted Answer

Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 23 Mar 2023
That's why if you directly use legend after creating the graph, you will get the graph as the legend identifier.
There is a work around to achieve what you want to do -
hold on
for k=1:numel(str)
plot(NaN,NaN,[clr str{k}])
G = graph([1 1], [2 3]);
legend({'one', 'two', 'three'})
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Rub Ron
Rub Ron on 23 Mar 2023
I would just add:
plot(NaN,NaN,[clr str{k}],'MarkerFaceColor',clr)
to fill the marker.

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