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How to run the ANCOVA test with categorical covariate in matlab?

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Hi, I have a group of data with one continuous dependent variable, a categorical independent variable with 3 levels, and a categorical covariate with 2 levels. I was trying to run the ANCOVA test in matlab, but from what I've learned, matlab only allows continuous covariate. I was wondering is there a way to run ANCOVA test with a categorical covariate?
Thank you!

Answers (1)

Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 28 Mar 2023
It doesn't really make sense to run ANCOVA with a categorical covariate. Instead, think of the categorical covariate as another independent variable and analyze your DV with a 2-factor ANOVA (here, 3x2). This ANOVA will give you information about the 2-factor interaction as well as the main effect of your categorical covariate. The ANCOVA would only give you information about the covariate's main effect.




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