Can some one fix this code? I am unable to understand this code? Though fixing one problem another problem is arising ! please help!

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% Parameters
expected outputs
Np = 2; % Number of reflecting elements in IRS
K = 2; % Number of users
Mtot = 20; % Total number of antennas at the base station
Pmax = 10; % Maximum transmit power
fc = 28e9; % Carrier frequency
fd = 200; % Maximum Doppler shift
N = 100; % Number of IRS size values to simulate
Np_values = 1:N; % IRS size values to simulate
SNR_dB = 20; % SNR in dB
SNR = 10^(SNR_dB/10); % SNR in linear scale
% Generate channel matrices
H = (randn(Mtot,K)+1j*randn(Mtot,K))/sqrt(2);
G = (randn(Np,Mtot)+1j*randn(Np,Mtot))/sqrt(2);
F = (randn(Mtot,K)+1j*randn(Mtot,K))/sqrt(2);
% Simulate achievable sum rate vs IRS size
sum_rate_fc = zeros(1,N);
sum_rate_fd = zeros(1,N);
sum_rate_zf = zeros(1,N);
for i = 1:N
Np = Np_values(i);
G = (randn(Np,Mtot)+1j*randn(Np,Mtot))/sqrt(2);
H_irs = H.*G;
H_eff_fc = H_irs;
H_eff_fd = H_irs.*exp(-1j*2*pi*fd*(0:K-1).'/fd);
H_eff_zf = H_irs*(H_irs'*H_irs)^(-1)*H_irs';
sum_rate_fc(i) = sum(log2(1+SNR*abs(H_eff_fc*F).^2));
sum_rate_fd(i) = sum(log2(1+SNR*abs(H_eff_fd*F).^2));
sum_rate_zf(i) = sum(log2(1+SNR*abs(H_eff_zf*F).^2));
Arrays have incompatible sizes for this operation.
% Plot achievable sum rate vs IRS size
hold on;
xlabel('Number of reflecting elements in IRS (Np)');
ylabel('Achievable sum rate (bps/Hz)');
legend('Proposed fc','Proposed fd','ZF+ Random PBF');
% Simulate achievable sum rate vs Pmax
P_values = 0:0.1:Pmax;
sum_rate_proposed = zeros(1,length(P_values));
for i = 1:length(P_values)
P = P_values(i);
[W,~,~] = proposed_algorithm(P,H,G,F,Np,K);
sum_rate_proposed(i) = sum(log2(1+SNR*abs(H_eff_fc*W).^2));
% Plot achievable sum rate vs Pmax
xlabel('Maximum transmit power (Pmax)');
ylabel('Achievable sum rate (bps/Hz)');
% Plot convergence behavior of the proposed algorithm
[~,rate,~] = proposed_algorithm(Pmax,H,G,F,Np,K);
ylabel('Achievable sum rate (bps/Hz)');

Answers (1)

Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 17 Apr 2023
In the following line:
G = (randn(Np,Mtot)+1j*randn(Np,Mtot))/sqrt(2); % When i=1, G is 1x20, but H is 20x2
so the following line has matrices of incompatible sizes.

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