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Kyle Wang
Kyle Wang on 29 Mar 2015
Commented: Kyle Wang on 30 Mar 2015
I created a surf plot, then use "shading", "camlight" and custom "colormap" to make it look great. In the next step, I would like to use C++ to do the same thing for some open source project. I'm wondering if it's possible I could extract those Matlab source code to have look its built-in mechanism, say, how matlab calls openGL? If not, what's the easiest way I could convert my Matlab codes to C++? To my concern, coder has limited support to matlab functions, especially plot related functions. Many thanks for any suggestion.

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 29 Mar 2015
Sorry, they don't give out MATLAB source code for built-in functions.
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Kyle Wang
Kyle Wang on 30 Mar 2015
Yes, I understand that. Just wondering how Matlab calls openGL?

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Geant Bepi
Geant Bepi on 30 Mar 2015
try the open source software similar to Matlab. That might help you. Not sure though.

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