Computing the Standard Deviation of Values in a column in Matlab

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Say I have the following dataset:
I would like to compute that standard deviation using ONLY SPEED values from ONLY 15 rows at a time in the table shown. How would I go about executing this in Matlab? Is there a specific code that can simplify this task?
Jana Sarran
Jana Sarran on 25 Apr 2023
Thank you.
Unfortunately, this example code is not working.
In the first line of Code, I was able to extract the array values for my speed column using this code:
SpeedArray = Arraytable (:,3) %The speed data is in the third column%
However, I was not able to find the standard deviations for every 15 row of data using the other code. I believe the standard deviation calculation would need to be repeated for every 15 rows and may be required to be coded using Loops. I am not sure.

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Accepted Answer

Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 25 Apr 2023
out = std(tablename.Speed(1:15))
Torsten on 27 Apr 2023
Isn't a "moving standard deviation" required, i.e. standard deviation of rows 1-15, 2-16, 3-17 etc ?

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