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Digital Clock in Simulink

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VIVEK RUHELA on 2 Apr 2015
Commented: VIVEK RUHELA on 24 Apr 2015
Hello Guys, Actually I want to make 24 Hrs digital clock in Simulink and for this I need many types of counters. But I can make only Mod-N Counters where N=(2^n) . I need to make Counters like Mod-10, Mod 6 etc. Can any body Suggest me how to make it.

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Sreeram Mohan
Sreeram Mohan on 24 Apr 2015
would counter limited blocks with the counter limits as an option ?
--sreeram mohan
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VIVEK RUHELA on 24 Apr 2015
yes definitely, if this work, we can proceed. Thanks.

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