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"Attempt to Reference Field of Non-Structure Array" when opening HDL Workflow Advisor

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I am attempting to make changes to a model where I already generated HDL code using HDL Workflow advisor. When I right click on the subsystem and select HDL Coder->Workflow Advisor I get the error "Attempt to Reference Field of Non-Structure Array." I don't receive anymore information to troubleshoot the problem.
I have to close Matlab, and delete the hdl_prj folder (I deleted every other file other than my model.slx to be sure). When I reopen Matlab I can access the HDL Workflow Advisor.
Any idea what is causing this? Is there a way to glean more information on what the reference field it's failing to access? Is it just a bug?


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Tim McBrayer
Tim McBrayer on 6 Apr 2015
Dave, I believe that this may be a bug. Can you please report it through standard MathWorks channels?


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