I want to calculate the mean of the soil moisture satellite data ,i have daily based data of one year with size 1440*720,and how to calculate the mean? I am confused to find

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sm_mean = nanmean(:,:,3)

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KSSV on 15 May 2023
Edited: KSSV on 15 May 2023
sm_mean = nanmean(data,'all')
A = rand(3,3,3) ;
for i = 1:3
ans = 0.5233
ans = 0.4704
ans = 0.4034
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Jincy on 17 May 2023
when i try this ie,
filename = dir('*nc') it shows the all nc datas
data = 'path of folder which contains all 30 days datas'
and i try to find the mean of 30days data of size 1440*720 ie
for i= 1:length(data)
sm.mean(i) = nanmean(:,:,i)
it doesnt works..shows 'nanmean is not recommended in matlab ,use mean instead of nanmean' and shows some errors.

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