non uniform data using imagesc is wrong

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elis02 on 17 May 2023
Commented: elis02 on 19 May 2023
I have a matrix of values (see attached), with spaced frequencies.
than i use the command
imagesc(1:step_number, frequencies, 10*log10(Spectra));
and it seems to work nice.
But when I need to plot it as wavelengths it doesn't work, and by that the data presented is wrong. (even arounf the center wavelength)
imagesc(1:step_number, 3e8./frequencies, 10*log10(Spectra));
How can I still plot this?

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 17 May 2023
How about
h = pcolor(0:step_number, 3e8./frequencies, 10*log10(Spectra)); ;
>> h.EdgeColor = 'none';

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