How to connect controlled sources to Universal Bridge

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I have a Universal Bridge as inverter. I want to connect output of a PV source via Controlled sources to DC input of this Universal-Bridge.
I use Voltage-controlled source to read out the voltage values form PV and Current-controlled source to read out the current values. When I connect them to input of universal bridge seperately, it works properly, but If i want to connect both of the the values are not correct anymore.
Anybody has any Idee ?
(I need to use this connection , because the PV system has a seperate universal Bridge and seperate control system for its DC-Dc booster)

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 22 May 2023
In your case, you are trying to apply a controlled current source and a controlled voltage source. This is physically and mathmatically impossible. For a given voltage, a circuit will have a given current. For a given current, a circuit will have a given voltage. You can only control one of these variables at a time, so in your case I would choose a voltage source only. The universal bridge will work with a controlled voltage source attatched to it.
Abouzar on 22 May 2023
Thank you for the response.
The voltage source is not enough alone. I need to see the power changes of inverter, depending on the input current, which is related to irradiation.
Is there any suggestions?
Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 9 Jun 2023
The rest of the power changes should come from you controlling the inverter properly. The inverter can pull different currents from a given voltage based on how it is operated, but trying to force it to do this with a controlled current source won't work.

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