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How do I open Matlab runtime (free version) after installing it on Windows?

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After installing Matlab Runtime Version 2022b, I opened up the folder "2022b" and there are a lot of data and folder, but now I am a little bit lost how I can open up the programm to use Matlab.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 23 May 2023
The MATLAB Runtime (that I'm assuming you downloaded from this page) is not an interactive MATLAB session. Its purpose is to run applications created using MATLAB Compiler or Simulink Compiler.
Alina on 26 May 2023
Thank you very much for your reply. This was really helpful!!! So I can move forward to other possible solutions. MatlabOnline would be an idea. But for that there is an actual licence type necessary right?
Because I am "just" a student, who will write her BA-Thesis and needs Matlab for data-analysis. And because of the fact that this is a very complex and time-intense process, it would be relieving to work at home instead of "moving" to the rooms of University everyday :-))) Unfortunately University is not that generous with that topic...
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 26 May 2023
The MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite license and the MATLAB Student license are two of the licenses listed on the page to which I linked as granting access to MATLAB Online. Or you could check if your university offers a campus-wide license for its students to use; check using the button under Campus-Wide Access on this page or contact your university's IT department and ask them if the university has such a license (and if so how to access it.)

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