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Red cross by select singnals icon while using Define MPC structure by linearization dialog box.

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When I want to select a signal for mpc input channel while using Define MPC structure by linearization dialog box, the icon of select signals botton is different from the tutorial in the pdf file "mpc_gs". And then when I clicked on the select signals botton there is no signal to select in the Dialog box "select signals for mpc input channels". You can see the problem in the following image.
Thanks for your support.

Answers (1)

Anshuman on 15 Jan 2024
Hello Farzad,
I understand that you are facing an issue with the Model Predictive Control Toolbox in MATLAB. The discrepancy between the icon you're seeing and the one in the "mpc_gs" tutorial PDF could be due to different versions of MATLAB or the toolbox, or it might be a visual update in the software.
If you're unable to see any signals to select in the "Select Signals for MPC Input Channels" dialog box, here are some troubleshotting steps that you can follow:
  • Ensure that there are input and output signals defined that can be used by the MPC Controller block.
  • Ensure that you have a valid operating point for linearization. If the model cannot be linearized, the MPC setup dialog may not show any signals.
  • Verify that the MPC Controller block is configured to interface with the signals you expect to control.
  • It is advised to compile the Simulink model before opening the "Define MPC Structure" dialog box.
Hope it helps!




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