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Variant Manager Offline installation

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Engineering Software Management
Answered: Ayush on 18 Jul 2023
In our Matlab2022b installation Variant manager in Simulink isn't installed as default and tries to download and install it if it's clicked. However we don't have internet access in our company's network so I can't download it. I wasn't able to find any offline installation either. How can I install it?
Alp Erkan

Answers (1)

Ayush on 18 Jul 2023
Hi Engeering Software Management,
As per my understanding you want to install Variant Manager but don't have internet access in your company's network so you can try the following steps:
1. Offline installation from another machine: If you have access to another machine with internet access (outside of your company's network), you can download the Variant Manager installer from MathWorks' website on that machine. Then, transfer the installer file to your company's network and run it on your MATLAB installation machine. This way, you can install the Variant Manager without requiring internet access on the target machine.
2. Local installation from another MATLAB installation: If you have access to another machine with the Variant Manager already installed, you can copy the necessary files from that machine to your MATLAB installation machine. Look for the Variant Manager files in the MATLAB installation directory of the machine where it is already installed, and then copy those files to the corresponding directories on your MATLAB installation machine.
It's important to note that the availability of offline installation options may vary depending on your specific MATLAB license and the version you are using. Therefore, contacting MathWorks support would be the most reliable way to obtain the necessary files or receive guidance tailored to your situation.


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