can you specify a newly created sheet to be at the start of a spreadsheet using writetable?

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To put this in context: I have a large list of raw data for a series of individual measures. These data for each separate measurements are saved in individual sheets using writetable. I find any newly created sheet is put last in the spreadsheet but I would like to specify for a new sheet containing the summary of all the individual measurements (e.g. std, mean, etc) to be in located in the very first tab. I often have to update the data and the summary sheet is way to the back.
An obvious alternative is to manually relocated or just have a separate spreadsheet for the summary, but would like to have all in one excel file and this done automatically. Is this possible with writetable?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Jun 2023
no, writetable cannot manipulate the tab order.
If you happen to be using Windows see

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