Simulink function block output not resolving to signal

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I am trying to generate a signal driving a current source using a function block in Simulink. But I am getting errors about the output ”Iharm”. The function works fine in Matlab workspace but not working in simulink environment.
Output 'Iharm' has variable size but the upper bound is not specified; explicit upper bound must be provided.
Or “Iharm” can not resolve to signal object.
I have tried specifying the bounds using assert and coder.varsize, but still error is there. Also specifying “Data must resolve to signal object” in Model workspace does not seem to work.
Simulink model is attached if anyone can help me to resolve this issue.

Accepted Answer

Haroon Zafar
Haroon Zafar on 8 Jun 2023
Issue is resolved now...
Go to Model Explorer... Select the function block and corresponding function output.
Change the Type from "Inherit: Same as Simulink" to Double or any other data type.
Corrected model is attached.

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