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How do I display .mat file as an image in Matlab

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Hi All Matlab users,
I have a .mat file ... I would like to convert it to png file but I have a problem with display it.
src_folder = 'D:/14.3D/1/';
dst_folder = 'D:/14.3D/1';
files = dir(fullfile(src_folder, 'OD.mat'));
% Loop through each file
for i = 1:length(files)
% Load the .mat file
load(fullfile(src_folder, files(i).name));
% Convert the data to uint8
I = reshape(uint16(linspace(0,65535,25)),[5 5])
example_matrix = im2uint8(1);
example_matrix = im2uint8(example_matrix);
% Construct the destination file name
[~, name, ~] = fileparts(files(i).name);
dst_file = fullfile(dst_folder, [name '.png']);
% Try to save the image
imwrite(example_matrix, dst_file);
disp(['Image ' name ' saved successfully']);
disp(['Error saving image ' name]);
The image show it stae is empy. Could someone help me please ? I would appreciate for any help.

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Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Jun 2023
example_matrix = im2uint8(1);

should be (I) instead of (1)


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