Active disturbance rejection control for Real Hardware MIMO system using simulink

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I want to use "Active disturbance rejection control" on Real MIMO (2x2) system using simulink. Please let me know how can I do the same?
Thank you,

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Sayan on 27 Oct 2023
Hi aakash dewangan,
I understand from your query that you need to implement a MIMO ADRC in Simulink.
You can follow the below-mentioned steps to build your MIMO system.
  • Finding all the requirements of the system along with the parameters that need to be defined
  • Design the system according to the ADRC logic that you have developed. You can find an example of ADRC MIMO model in the following File Exchange link:
  • As you will be using multiple inputs with multiple states for the system, you must use the Product block (available at Simulink / Math Operations) with the "Multiplication" parameter set as "Matrix(*)" to implement the equations of each state for your system.
In MATLAB release R2023b the Active Disturbance Rejection Control block (available at Simulink Control Design / Adaptive Control) can be used to build ADRC with the SISO or MIMO systems. An example of ADRC for BLDC speed control using the same block is shown in the following link:
Further information on the "Matrix(*)" mode of the product block and the Active Disturbance Rejection Control block can be found in the following documentation links:
Hope this helps in answering the query.




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