How to import .SUBCKT Spice model into MATLAB Simscape?

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I am trying to import a power mosfet model from Spice .SUBCKT definition of it (IAUC45N04S6N070_L1), into Simscape. The Level 1 (_L1) models in the attached file seem to have some dependencies on another circuit definition (A6_40_d1_var), but I am not completely sure how that works. When I use subcircuit2ssc function and build these circuits, I end up with a library containing two blocks. I went ahead and tried using a block with drain, source and gate terminals, but it is not working and throws error for some solver settings.
Kindly let me know how I can proceed with this and use the .SUBCKT model of the MOSFET in Simscape/ Simulink.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 28 Jul 2023
Unfortunately, there is no guarentee that an imported pspice model will work in simscape. It sounds like you used the command correctly, but that you are struggling to get it to work in a simulation. The issue is not necessarily with subcircuit2ssc, but with wether or not the pspice model can work correctly in Simscape. There is the possiblity that setting up the solver with specific settings might be able to make the component work. Are you able to share your model?


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