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Menu function not working on matlab mobile

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Liam De Potter
Liam De Potter on 22 Jun 2023
Answered: Ayush on 17 Jul 2023
Hi there,
pretty simple question: i made a script with a menu function in it, transferred the matlab file to my phone and when i run it, the menu shows up as a figure. (non interactable)
Does anyone know a fix for this? ty in advance
Nikhil on 23 Jun 2023
Can you share your script to reproduce the issue?
Liam De Potter
Liam De Potter on 23 Jun 2023
Sure, don't judge me on any inefficient coding though :P
I put the script as well as the needed data in attachments :) ty

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Answers (1)

Ayush on 17 Jul 2023
Hi Liam De Potter,
As per my understanding you are trying to run a script which has the "menu" function which you created probably on MATLAB desktop or MATLAB online on MATLAB mobile.
The behavior and functions of the MATLAB script may differ from running in a desktop environment when it is performed on another platform, e.g. Mobile devices. The "menu" function, which typically creates an interactive menu based on text in the MATLAB Command Window, may not work as expected on a mobile device.
Mobile devices generally do not have a MATLAB Command Window or support the same interactive text-based interface. Therefore, when running the script on your phone, the "menu" function may display as a figure, but it will not be interactable.
In order to develop an interactive user interface for a mobile device, it is necessary to utilize a mobile application development framework or application development tool that is compatible with the relevant platform (i.e., Android, iOS, etc.). MATLAB offers the capability to develop mobile applications using App Designer and MATLAB Mobile application, however, this requires additional steps and considerations other than simply executing a MATLAB script.
If you want to run MATLAB scripts on your phone with a graphical user interface, you may need to explore options such as developing a mobile app using MATLAB Mobile. MATLAB Mobile allows you to create and run MATLAB code on your mobile device. You can use App Designer to design the user interface and incorporate MATLAB code for the desired functionality.


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