How do I make a uibutton the 'active' item in a GUI upon construction?

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I would like to have a button on an appDesigner GUI that is highlighted upon opening, giving the user the option of quickly dismissing the GUI by pressing the Enter Key or Spacebar.
If the GUI has the button as the first element, I can hit tab, then spacebar/enter to trigger the callback, but I would like a single keypress option. Does anyone know of a way to do this?

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 23 Jun 2023
Edited: Kevin Holly on 23 Jun 2023
Below would work for R2022a and later.
You can add
to the startup function. To add a startup function, click Callback on the toolstrip while in Code View.
Alan Bindemann
Alan Bindemann on 23 Jun 2023
That's exactly what I need, but I am restricted to development in a version earlier than R2022a at the present time. Thanks for the reply though.

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