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Store data using the "To File" or " to workspace" block when using the PX4 toolbox on Simulink performing code generation

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I want to store the data coming from the vehicle_odometry message(positions,velocities,accelerations,euler angles etc...). I'm using the read block to read this message and then a selector to select the messages I want to read. Then I'm using the "To File" or "To workspace" to store it but it doesn't work. When I'm launching the simulation pressing on "Build,deploy and run", (the "Monitor and Tune" does not work, the simulation doesn't even start, I think becouse of my PC hardware(?)) no file is creaded in the home directory and nothing appears on the MATLAB workspace even if the drone is flying in jmavsim simulator.
Above you can see the simulink block that should be able to strore the odometry data "to file" or "to workspace"
How can I fix this problem? How can I read the odometry of the drone after performing simulation on jmavsim?

Accepted Answer

Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 27 Jun 2023
Logging data using To workspace block is only supported when you deploy to Pixhawk hardware. In SITL or PX4 Host Target, To workspace wont generate a MAT file. You can log data in Monitor & Tune for PX4 Host Target and using Signal Data Inspector export the data to a MAT file
Salvatore Matteo Mennea
Salvatore Matteo Mennea on 27 Jun 2023
External Mode Open Protocol Connect command failed
Caused by:
  • Could not connect to target application: XCP TCP/IP error: Connect failed
Component:Simulink | Category:Block diagram error
Unable to connect to the 'PX4 Host Target' target for 'openloop_tesi'.

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