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How can I obtain the bus hierarchy from Bus Element I/O ports?

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Is there a way to obtain the bus hierarchy created by using Bus Element In/Out ports in MATLAB (in a data structure or else)?
I can see in Simulink if you double-click any bus element port, it opens up a list containing the Bus hierarchy.
I am using R2019b (moving to R2022b in the next months).
Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

Sahas Marwah
Sahas Marwah on 28 Jun 2023
In MATLAB, you can open and explore the bus hierarchy using the Simulink Bus Editor. There is no method to open Bus editor directly from MATLAB.
To display the bus hierarchy information on Simulink:
  1. Find any signal/bus line.
  2. Right-click on it and select the Signal Hierarchy option. (See image for reference)
  3. Signal Hierarchy Viewer will open which shows the signal hierarchy for a bus.
You can also see these documentation pages for more information: -- Explains more about bus and signal hierarchies

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