How to move a simulink model with solidworks model to another new pc?

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Im creating a 3 degree of freedom robotic arm simulation in simulink, but my old laptop is too slow to run matlab now. So i copy all the files i have from old laptop to my new pc. Now i cant run the simulation because matlab asked me for my old directory. How can i change it to new directory without redoing all the simulink?

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Sara Boznik
Sara Boznik on 29 Jun 2023
Hi, I had the same problem. If I remember correctly I had to replace all elements that were different in old version with blocks from Simulink library. You dont need to do all from start just find new elements for those which are red.
Hope I help.

Nathan Hardenberg
Nathan Hardenberg on 30 Jun 2023
Did you execute/Run your "haha_Datafile.m"? Mabe just running it in your current workspace once will load the needed variables into MATLAB workspace and they are then usable in simulink.




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