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Markus on 31 Oct 2011
I have a custom Matlab toolbox which supports customizations in form of Matlab shortcuts. In that context, i have different shortcut versions for different Toolbox releases.
Since it is not possible to handle these customizations "simulink-like" (sl_customization), my solution is to simply exchange the shortcuts.xml file in the matlab prefdir and reload it afterwards. The problem i am stucking with is that reloading of the file needs a new Matlab session (and that is, of course, not acceptable for the people working with the toolbox).
Does somebody know how to load new shortcuts without a Matlab restart or have a different approach for changing shortcuts dynamically within a session?

Answers (1)

Jonas on 22 Feb 2012
Use the Shortcut Toolbox by Richie Cotton to either create switchable shortcut categories, or to learn how to use shortcutUtils to switch between shortcut sets.


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