Some problems of 'Clusters' in 'Info' of Joint Probabilistic Data Association Multi Object Tracker Block.

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When using the Joint Probabilistic Data Association Multi Object Tracker Block to track two vehicles and selecting "Info" as the output, it is observed that only the first element of the "Clusters" in the "Info" output contains specific values, while the rest are default values of zero.
it is confirmed that the two targets are consistently associated with the two tracks, and there is a known association between them.

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Prashant Arora
Prashant Arora on 12 Jul 2023
Simulink requires a fixed-size bus data type as an output. Therefore, the "Clusters" element of the "Info" bus is always fixed in size. This is controlled by the maximum number of possible clusters. Now, if the JPDA creates only n clusters, then only the first n elements of this array are populated. In your case, I think the two targets were close to each other, so the JPDA created only 1 cluster. If you inspect the first cluster further, you should see the "TrackID" and "DetectionIndices" elements, which provides information about what tracks and detections were in this cluster.
If you do not observe this, please feel free to reply here with more information and I'll be happy to investigate.





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