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Simulink wire different colors

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Vansh on 9 Jul 2023
Commented: Vansh on 9 Jul 2023
My Simulink model is a pretty basic one. When I compile it, a few connections appear in Black and others in Red. There is no differentiator also like input, output, wire/bus, virtual/non-virtual bus, etc. How do I change the color of the wires to all Red?

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Sahas Marwah
Sahas Marwah on 9 Jul 2023
Hi @Vansh,
Assuming you are using R2023a version,
The color of wires are dependent on the "sample time" of your model. Different colors may be due to constants, or other blocks having different "sample times".
One can change that by double clicking the said block, and change the sample time to "-1", which is also the default and should match the colors of different wires coming in and out of that block.
Alternately, one can also click on the two arrow lines on the left pane of Simulink view (image attached) to open "Timing Legends" and change the colors of different types of blocks from there.
Alternately, if one wants no colors except the default ones, they can go to "Debug" tab --> "Information Overlays" --> "Colors" and disable colors.
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Vansh on 9 Jul 2023
Thanks @Sahas Marwah for the quick answer.
I had to first enable colors from Information Overalys and then select same color for all blocks in Timing Legends. But it worked out.

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