Sinusoidal issue of ADC signals using TI Delfino F28379D LaunchPad

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I'm using the TI Delfino F28379D LaunchPad with Simulink to receive an acquisition of sinusoidal current signals of three phase induction motor throughout a control drive. the timer period of epwm is 10kHz based on the DSP clocking calculation equation (100e6)/(2*5000) = 10kHz, the SOCx acquisition window of the ADC is set to 200, the SCIA baud rate is set to 115200, and the Serial port is over a USB.
In order to visualize the expected sine wave of current signals. The issue is how to reduce or cancel these horrific squares that come with the current signal via current sensors during the external mode. This issue significantly impacted the rest of my measurements.
Any suggestions on how to represent a clearer sinusoidal signal?
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Mohamed Elgbaily
Here the signal obtained using the external mode as a signal and three phase.
Nathan Hardenberg
Nathan Hardenberg on 20 Jul 2023
I'm not quite sure if I understand correctly what you want. But it is obious, that the execution-time gets solwer, since you have to now communicate much more. When attempting to modify parameters on the fly, it also seems obvious, that there is a bit of a communication delay.
But I don't think I can help you much further. To answer your current question one would probably need more info about your specific problem. And also I'm not that deep into MPU programming to help you (i think). If this bothers you much more, maybe think about asking a new question

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Nathan Hardenberg
Nathan Hardenberg on 20 Jul 2023
Here the results from the comments
Possible fixes:

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