Why are symbolic expressions not exactly symbolic?

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I have Symbolic toolobx in my 2023A MATLAB release. But the display shows a MATLAB expression rather than symbolic expression. For example,
syms x
gives the display in command window as: x^5/120 + x^4/24 + x^3/6 + x^2/2 + x + 1.
Rather, I want to see it as shown in the first example of documentation page of Taylor series:
I want to see the above display in command window. Are there any settings/preferences I should change?

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 19 Jul 2023
Run that command in the Live Editor. [Note that I can get the same display running the code in MATLAB Answers: the functionality to display symbolic expressions in the MATLAB sessions MATLAB Answers uses to run code uses the same technology.]
syms x
ans = 
The Command Window displays text, not typeset math.

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KSSV on 19 Jul 2023
It is suggested to use live script.
syms x
f = taylor(exp(x))
f = 
5 4 3 2 x x x x --- + -- + -- + -- + x + 1 120 24 6 2


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