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Is possible to show my custom app in Simulink APPS tab

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Hi all!
I am currently working on an extension app for Embedded coder and my idea is to create custom tab in Simulink toolstrip. I have used this tutorial for that. Then I have successfully packed the app using "Package App" tool and everything works quite good, problem is that the my installed app shows only in Matlab's APPS tab. Is there any possible workaround how to set application as visible in Simulink like Embedded Coder app does?
Side question to this is if there is possibility to create app directly for simulink the way how all the apps in Simulink APPS tab works? You pick the app from the toolstrip tab and new closeable tab will open. Because even if the way described in tutorial mentioned above works, it is little bit hacky.
Thanks in advance for any answer. :)

Accepted Answer

Sanchari on 12 Sep 2023
Edited: Sanchari on 12 Sep 2023
I understand that you want to add a custom app under the Simulink’s toolstrip Apps Tab. However, according to the latest versions, it is not possible to add a custom app directly to the Apps tab. The "APPS" tab is specifically designed to display a collection of built-in apps provided by MathWorks. The closest workaround solution would be to create a “Custom Tab under the Simulink’s toolstrip and add your custom app there. To do so, please refer to the following documentation to follow through the steps:
  1. Create custom simulink toolstrip tabs- . To start simulink from MATLAB, type "simulink" instead of "start_simulink" in the command window as it has been updated in the latest versions.
You can further go through the following learnings from MATLAB community to know more about this:
  1. Customize toolstrip to add a new section-
  2. Is it possible to add a custom tab to Simulink toolstrip-
Hope this helps!
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DejvOu on 12 Sep 2023
Hello Sanchari,
thanks for your response. Your proposed approach is the same I have already used, so I suppose there is no other way. Lets hope that Mathworks will add possibility to create custom apps specifically for Simulink in future.

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