How can I gate-off the Average-Value VSC block ?

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TSK on 28 Jul 2023
Commented: TSK on 7 Aug 2023
I'm simulating the battery, inverter and motor behavior expecially in case of the sudden stop of the inverter.
I'm using the Average-Value VSC as an inverter.
How can I realize the sudden stop of inverter using the Average-Value VSC.
I'd like to make the inverter just like an 3-phase rectifier. I'd like to make the six gates all open.
I appriciate your help. Thanks.

Answers (1)

Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 28 Jul 2023
This will be easier to do with a slightly different block, the Converter (Three Phase). You can set this block to averaged switch in the settings and use it as an average inverter, but it will aslo explicitly model the diode rectifier. You can turn it off by sending 0's to all 6 gate inputs. To see how to configure the 6 gate inputs off of an average signal, please see this example:
The bottom converter using modulaiton waveforms is the same as the average value VSC for control.




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