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matlab interface configuration error

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ALLU on 28 Jul 2023
Commented: ALLU PAVAN on 5 Oct 2023
I am using linux , while downloading the matlab the usr/local/bin folder has not taken then i have given another folder for destination folder. then after giving some commands the matlab is not detecting the folder connection , so please the solution

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Ayush on 4 Aug 2023
Hi Allu,
As per my understanding you are trying to install MATLAB on some other folder other than usr/local/bin and MATLAB is not able to detect that folder.
Try out the following workaround at your end to resolve the issue.
Add MATLAB to the system PATH: MATLAB needs to be added to the system PATH so that it can be accessed from any location in the terminal. Open the terminal and edit the `.bashrc` or `.bash_profile` file using a text editor (e.g., `nano ~/.bashrc`). Add the following line at the end of the file, replacing `/path/to/matlab/bin` with the actual path to the MATLAB installation directory:
export PATH="/path/to/matlab/bin:$PATH"
Save the file and run `source ~/.bashrc` or `source ~/.bash_profile` in the terminal to apply the changes. Now you should be able to run MATLAB from any location by typing `matlab` in the terminal.
Hope it helps!
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ALLU PAVAN on 5 Oct 2023
  1. while installing the destination folder has not taken the default one so we have created a folder in '/home/pavan/MATLAB' . then the installation has done successfully.
  2. After installation we have activated the matlab
  3. In the matlab interface configuration it was telling that "/opt/matlab76/bin/matlab to /opt/matlab76
  4. then what we need to do
  5. In .bashrc i have added that export PATH=$PATH:"/home/pavan/MATLAB/bin"
  6. please reply as soon as possible
  7. please type what we need write in my system

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