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Keep Variable Name when adding Variables to a table

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I have a problem with Variable Names when adding Variables to a table. It seems odd, as it works with the "patients" example from the documentation but not with my own table and Variables. Here is a part of the code:
out.combinednew = addvars(out.combined,out.newvars.(1));
Unable to resolve the name 'out.combined'.
The added Variable gets the name "Var32" instead of "Q_end".
I have also tried writing one column of the table into a variable and then adding that variable to the table but it is the same problem.
Is there another way to keep the Variable Names when adding a new Variable?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Aug 2023
The relevant code is using inputname() to try to figure out variable names. inputname() returns empty for any expression giving a value, but returns the variable name in the caller if a plain unindexed variable was passed.
out.newvars.(1) is an expression that pulls out the contents of the first variable of a table, but it is not a plain unindexed variable name, so inputname will return empty.
You should use
out.combinednew = addvars(out.combined,out.newvars.(1), 'NewVariableNames', out.Properties.VariableNames(1));
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Aug 2023
Note by the way that when you are not using the relative-position properties, that you might as well just do
out.combinednew = [out.combined, out.newvars(:,1)];

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Florian Bidaud
Florian Bidaud on 8 Aug 2023
out.combinednew = addvars(out.combined,out.newvars.(1),'NewVariableNames','Q_end');
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Jan Böttner
Jan Böttner on 8 Aug 2023
thanks for your reply, this works but i want the variable name dependend as it might change with different inputs to the code :)

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