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PX4 UAV Toolbox px4demo_attitudeSystem Attitude Controller for a Hexacopter

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I am deploying the hexacopter attitude controller from Matlab UAV Toolbox to PX4 flight controller. All version information are listed in the bottom of this post. I have followed the hardware setup as in the documentation. In the beginning I was using PX6 Holybro and all steps were successfully done however, once i physically connect my laptop to the pixhawh PX6 and QGC, it shows that there is no connection as no options related to the configuration appears.
Then, I switched to using PX4 flight controller and started the setup from the beginning. Everything worked and I could connect to QGC. I successfyully flashed the attitude controller (i.e. px4demo_attitudeSystem) to PX4.
Now my problem is that I cant arm through the RC Controller, I can arm using a setting from QGC. Also, I can increase/decrease thrust through the rc controller stick. However, I dont have any pitch, yaw, roll authority.
Is their any documentation on what setup the rc controller in simulink must be configured when you flash the controller?
I have the feeling that it is a simple fix since I have manually tilted the drone (as if im pitching, rolling) and the motors were reacting. I would appreciate if someone can help me out. Thank you in advance.
System info
  • Matlab 2023a
  • PX4 Toolchain v0.8
  • PX4 Firmware px4_fmu-v5_multicopter.px4
  • QGC v4.2.8
Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 18 Aug 2023
Can you clarify how you are reading the RC data in Simulink? Are you using the RC block in PX4 Simulink library?
Hussein on 19 Aug 2023
Hello, thank you for your reply. Yes I am using this simulink model shown below which already have an RC block.
Since only the thrust input from the RC controller was working, i tried to add other channels then changing the connections and flash again the controller to PX4 but nothing changes. The only thing that I can input is the thrust.

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Answers (1)

Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 16 Nov 2023
What does the status output of the RC block indicate?
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Hussein on 16 Nov 2023
Its been a while for me that i havent proceed with this task. I will get back to it very soon so I will update this post in case I got something new. Thank you for following up.

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