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PX4 toolbox in Simulink:when performing SITL with Jmavsim error code -10

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I designed my own controller with the PX4 toolbox in simulink. I'm trying to perform SITL with Jmavsim but when I run it on the terminal shell it's written:
extmodeEvent error: code -10
This error is reported several times. What is the problem and how can I fix it?

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Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 18 Aug 2023
This error indicates there might be data drop while sending data between Host Target and Simulink in External Mode. But External Mode simulation should continue to run. Are you seeing issues with External Mode?
If the External mode is running, log the signals in Signal data inspector to see the amount of data drop. If it is within your satisfacyory limits, you can ignore thsi error. Otherwise, you can increase the sample time of the model to eliminate the error
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Salvatore Matteo Mennea
Salvatore Matteo Mennea on 18 Aug 2023
Yes I'm usign external mode. When this error displays the simulation continue to run on jmavisim. The problem is that the drone keeps still. Evenif my controller is sending the control action so the PWM are sent to the "To actuator block", the drone does not move.
I have this warnings:
I can i fix this problem?

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