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Error: Illegal use of reserved keyword "end".

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UDIT on 19 Aug 2023
Commented: Dyuman Joshi on 19 Aug 2023
m=input('Enter the mass of water in kg -');
Unable to run the 'fevalJSON' function because it calls the 'input' function, which is not supported for this product offering.
cpw=4.187;%Cp of water is taken as 4.187 KJ/kg K
T1=input('Enter the inital temperature of water in kelvin :- '); %water initial temperature
Tinter1=input('Enter the intermediate temperature of water in kelvin :- ');; %first reservoir temperature
T2=input('Enter the final temperature of water in kelvin :- ');
deltaSwater= m*cpw*[log(Tinter1/T1)+log(T2/Tinter1)];
disp('Analysis for TER and system')
fprintf('Heat transferred from TER1 to water is:- %f kJ \n',Q1)
fprintf('Heat transferred from TER2 to water is:- %f kJ \n',Q2)
fprintf('deltaSwater=%f kJ/K \n',deltaSwater)
fprintf('deltaSreservoir1= %f kJ/K\n',deltaSreservoir1)
fprintf('deltaSreservoir2= %f kJ/K\n',deltaSreservoir2)
fprintf('deltaSUniverse= %f kJ/K\n',deltaSUniverse)
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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 19 Aug 2023
In which line does the error occur?
Please copy and paste the whole error message i.e. all of the red text.

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Answers (1)

KSSV on 19 Aug 2023
Remove end in the code which is lying in the last.
Torsten on 19 Aug 2023
The "end" is the closing "end" of the for-loop.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 Aug 2023
@Torsten is correct, at least when the code is formatted the way it looks like it should be.
When I format the code and execute it, I do not get any message about the end

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