Default argument expression with multiple outputs

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How do I get the correct output into the default argument if a function used in an expression has more than one output? E.g.
opts.input2 (1,1) double = function_with_multiple_outputs(function_inputs)
Where [output1, output2, etc] = function_with_multiple_outputs(function_inputs) and function_inputs are constants or previously defined arguments. I only want, e.g. opts.input2 to be output2 from function_with_multiple_outputs.

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 22 Aug 2023
Write a local function that calls function_with_multiple_outputs with multiple outputs then returns only the one you want to use for the default value. Call that local function instead of function_with_multiple_outputs in the arguments block.

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dpb on 22 Aug 2023
Multiple output arguments must be unique variable names; just define the default for the specific name and it will refer to the one in that position.
Scott on 22 Aug 2023
I do not see this working because the outputs can have any name (different from the ones in the function declaration); it is the position that matters.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Aug 2023
In MATLAB, there is no (useful) way to assign multiple outputs of a function to a single location, and there is no (useful) way to select a particular output from a command .
What would be legal generally in MATLAB (but not necessarily in an argument block) is
[opts.input2, opts.input2] = function_with_two_outputs();
This would assign the first output to opts.input2 and then assign the second output on top of opts.input2 .
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Stephen23 on 22 Aug 2023
"This would assign the first output to opts.input2 and then assign the second output on top of opts.input2 ."
Only if OPTS is scalar (or is implicitly created by that allocation).

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