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How to generate data from Kernel Distribution fit ?

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I have fitted some data to through kernel distribution using the distribution fitting app. But I could not figure out hoe to generate data points using this distribution. Distribution kdfit is exported to workspace as can be seen in the figure below. How can i use this distribution to genrate say 20 datapoints that follow this distribution. ( PS: this distribution is generated from 50000 datapoints)
Data file is also attached if you could please suggest a better way to fit this data. This is the EV charging start time during a day ( in minutes).

Accepted Answer

VINAYAK LUHA on 5 Sep 2023
Hi Haroon,
To the best of my understanding, you wish to generate sample datapoints that follows the kernel distribution fit of your data.
Refer to step 5 in the following documentation on how to generate random numbers from a fitted kernel distribution
For improving the fit, you can adjust the bandwidth or kernel type parameters and settle for some quality as per the following documentation.
Hope this helps.

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